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 Libittina Character Registration

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PostSubject: Libittina Character Registration   Libittina Character Registration EmptyMon Jul 14, 2014 5:37 pm

Name: Libittina

Sex: Female

Age: Over 100, looks to be about 5-7 in feral years.

Appearance: She doesn't wear clothes. She's feral and always naked!

Species: Demon Wolf, Warrior Hound class mount

Physical Description: Black fur, red glowing runes on her body, fangs growing passed her chin but just the tip, red eyes with slitted pupils, dragonic wings, 6 ft tall at the shoulder, body type is athletic and slim with some nice muscular structure.

Furcadia description: Feral wolf of a great six foot at the shoulder, tall as a horse she stood. Hook like claws dug into the ground, raking it without any sense of sorrow for the Earth. Fangs protruded from her lips, growing passed her chin in a frightening display of jaw power. Rippling muscles were easily seen in her shining raven coat, bat wings sprouted from shoulders in an effort to block light. Decorated on her fur were glowing red symbols indicating her demonic origin. Glowing red eyes with slitted pupils would look into a soul only to burn it within that glare of hers. Her body was muscular and fit, almost as skinny as a greyhound but only just. The beast can be tamed by another, the one who spoke tongues of the two leggeds.

Job: Guard

Weapons: She is her weapon

Abilities: Mainly breathe fire or spit fire balls.

Character Traits: Dominant, proud, honorable, aggressive when she needs to be.

Bio: She is a warrior hound mount. One who chooses her rider to help fight in wars or protect the lands in which her rider lives in. She chooses her rider based on skill and heart, a true warrior. Her last rider died in his last ditch efforts of fighting a war. Though he won it, it left her without a rider. She travels far and wide, hoping to find someone like him to take over. Once she finds one, she is soul linked to this rider, be it male or female. She will always serve and protect him, do what needs to be done and how they want it to happen. Shall the rider become corrupted with a black heart, she has the right to turn on him and relieve him of his rider status.

Desired personal rank: Warrior

Other: She can speak the language of the bipeds. Communication as a human/anthro is highly likely with her. She is not a master, however, of all languages.
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Libittina Character Registration
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