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 Mizuki Whitepaw Character Sheet/Ref.

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Mizuki Whitepaw Character Sheet/Ref. Empty
PostSubject: Mizuki Whitepaw Character Sheet/Ref.   Mizuki Whitepaw Character Sheet/Ref. EmptyMon Jul 14, 2014 5:09 pm

Name: Mizuki Whitepaw

Sex: Female

Age: A bit more then 500.

Appearance: She wears a silky black/gold trimmed kimono. Sometimes she wears one with cherry blossoms, sometimes one with a koi fish and another one with just solid black.

Species: 5-tailed Kitsune

Physical Description: She's lilthe bodied so she's smaller framed, black hair down to her butt, white fur with circles of gold around each of her five tails.
In Feral form: Her face, belly, tip of tails are white while the rest remains black. She still keeps her golden rings around each tail, though.

Furcadia description: Kitsune of five tails. Snow white fur graced itself over her form, rings of gold around each tail. Kimono pulled tight against small frame in hues of black and gold trim; tied golden obi tied it all together. Raven locks danced themselves around her face, long enough to touch her rump. Her demeanor was warm and motherly, a smile upon her face just about all times. Eyes remained half closed, ever looking forward. Upon closer observation, one could see this one was blind. Her powers were different and her personality as well. She hoped that one day she'd share her warmth and kind heart, wanting to start up some friendships.

Job: . Geisha

Weapons: She's more of a pacifist so doesn't have any.

Abilities: Healing magic, barrier spells, blinding spells (temporary), exorcist, communicates with souls/ghosts.

Character Traits: She's very shy and bashful, mannerly, doesn't put words together like the words 'can't' or doesn't', motherly, compassionate, caring.

Bio: A five tailed kitsune with a heart of gold. Always smiling and looking forward, she's usually a traveler. When she was just a little kit, her healing magic went array and ended up blowing up an old temple pillar. Her manners come from great upbringing and her curiosity comes from a natural source. She wishes for friends and a family, that can be provided by working at the bar as a Geisha and her mate, Noswa. Calm, cool and caring, she is always concerned for another's well being and wishes good fortune for everyone.

Desired personal rank: Mizu the Blind.

Other: She's blind in both eyes.
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Mizuki Whitepaw Character Sheet/Ref. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mizuki Whitepaw Character Sheet/Ref.   Mizuki Whitepaw Character Sheet/Ref. EmptyMon Jul 14, 2014 6:21 pm


Mizuki Whitepaw Character Sheet/Ref. 14510d10
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Mizuki Whitepaw Character Sheet/Ref.
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