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 Character Registration Template

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Setsuna Uzumaki

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Character Registration Template Empty
PostSubject: Character Registration Template   Character Registration Template EmptyWed Feb 03, 2010 12:45 am

Remember Ladies, and Gentlemen to take your time when doing a application. Ideas are better left un-rushed, and please post your character in a new topic.

Name: ( Your character's name).

Sex: ( Your gender, it can range from male, female and even hermaphrodite).

Age: (Your character must be at least 18+, if they are a supernatural creature/being, please don't make them uber old.).

Appearance: (Please describe what your character is wearing, and what they're carrying, if anything.).

Species: (Human, Canine, feline, vulpine etc. your character can even be a mixed breed, as long as it's with in reason.).

Physical Description: (Hair color and length, height, eye color, ears and tail if you have either or both)

Furcadia description: (if you have one.).

Job: ( what you would like to apply for: bar-tending, running the dojo, masseuse, entertainer, geisha, bouncer, or jack of all trades.).

Weapons: (if your character uses one, please tell use what it is, if it's a magical or enchanted item, please tell us how it works).

Abilities: (List, and describe what your character can do in as much detail as you can.)

Character Traits: ( Define how your character acts).

Bio: (No less than 3 lines).

Desired personal rank: (More of the nickname than anything.To be displayed below your forum name)

Other: ( Extra information about your character.)
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Character Registration Template
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