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 Basic posting guide

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Basic posting guide Empty
PostSubject: Basic posting guide   Basic posting guide EmptyWed Feb 03, 2010 12:25 am

Posting Rules And Guidelines

Greetings! This is a guideline set up to regulate the manner of posting we get on here, and to set up some basic outlines for posts for those who may be new to roleplay.

LENGTH: All posts should be at LEAST five sentences long. No one likes to read tons and tons of staccato posts with no meat to them other than actions or dialogue, if you are new to this, try making them as long as you can, and push your post length when you get the chance. Remember that other members will be in the same thread as you, and no matter how long a post is, it DOES take up space. Pages of short posts are QUITE inconvenient to read. So please, take the time to write longer, more meaningful posts.
At the same token, if you are in a crowded posting area, Try not to take up the whole page with one post Long posts are nice and welcome, but there IS a way to go TOO long, especially when other members have to read or scan through it to respond.

GRAMMAR AND SPELLING: We're not English teachers on the forum, but please do check over your spelling in posts to make it easier for other members to read through. A desired read is a smooth one, so take the few seconds to quickly re-read your post and scan through for any errors. Run on sentences are incredibly annoying to read, because no one wants to see a page of
he went to the door and opened it and after the door there was a hallway and then there was a three headed dog and he killed it and he laughed like a maniac and blood rained down from the sky there was a lot of blood and he drank it all because he was a vampire and that's how he rolled
PLEASE. Take the time to put in some punctuation to make it easier to read for others, and yourself.

FORMAT: All posts should be written in a THIRD PERSON NARRATIVE FORMAT. As in using SHE/HE instead of ME/I. BOLD is used for SPEECH, along with quotation marks, and ITALICS are used for THOUGHTS. Following this format really helps regulate the posts and makes important bits easier for other characters to pick out in your post. If they have to refer to a thought or thing your character said in your post, it also makes it easier to find within the post, rather than pick apart a block of identical text. DO NOT USE ASTERISKS ( ** <--those things) IN YOUR POSTS. THIS IS NOT A CHAT RP.

HAVE FUN: Following a simple guideline like this makes it easier for all members to post in a fashion that makes it easier to read for other members. Please think of others when you post, and take the time to read and recognize the above guidelines.
Enjoy your posting!
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Basic posting guide
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