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 Posting Etiquette

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Setsuna Uzumaki

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Posting Etiquette Empty
PostSubject: Posting Etiquette   Posting Etiquette EmptyWed Feb 03, 2010 12:21 am

Posting Rules
1. Your messages must be at least 3 lines long.
2. You can only write in third person's point of view.
3. Your message should contain actions, thoughts and speech of your character
Your character's thoughts are to be written in italics, dialog in "double quotations" and any telepathy actions in bold.
4. You must always write where you came from and to what topic you're going to go.

Fighting Rules
5. During the battle there is a strict order of moves. For example your post must be always followed by enemy move, like that: You, Enemy, You, Enemy, You, Enemy. Or if this is a group battle it will be like You, Enemy1, Enemy 2, You, Enemy1, Enemy2 etc.

Again as always when posting anything, no god-modding. You will be warned if such a thing happens.

Well there you go ladies and gentlemen, if you have any questions about anything please post them here, and I will answer them for you. If you would like to ask me a question in private then PM me. Thank you all for your lovely time.
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Posting Etiquette
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