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 Aruji Sama

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PostSubject: Aruji Sama   Aruji Sama EmptyMon Sep 26, 2016 1:11 pm

Player Name: Gethin Xtasis

Character Name: Takumi Yuki 匠雪 (Taku for Short)


Age: 120 (Young Adult)

Species: Ailuranthrope/Moon Elf

Furcadia Description: Takumi Yuki (匠雪) otherwise known as Aruji Sama (主様) is a rather regal fellow standing at 6'0 with a well-toned but lithe body. He is known throughout the lands as what is called a Taikomochi. His pale skin and overly lengthy silver hair are obvious signs of his Elven heritage. He carries himself with a practiced grace like so many geisha, but his moves are precise, with no movement wasted and eerily graceful, hypnotic even. He wears the finest silk kimonos usually in shades of blue and white to match his name (Artisan of Snow). Instead of the red that most Geisha wear on their eyes, he wears blue to coordinate with his winter looking ensemble. His eyes though are his most entrancing feature. The bright pink orbs shine with mischief, mystery and something fierce or even primal. Although he thinks highly of himself, he is always polite unless provoked. He is soft-spoken, witty, and charming. Yet, what secrets does he keep behind those calculating eyes?
Profession:Taikomochi (Male Geisha)

Weapons: Two-bladed fans,Dagger,Katana,Hair Pins (Sharpened),Claw ring with a poison compartment.

Abilities: Taku's skills vary from dancing, singing, shamisen playing,and Kabuki. Arts: Painting, calligraphy, He does possess a few magical abilities though his main focus is on blue magic. He is both hydrokinetic and cryokinetic making the bath house a perfect retreat.

Character Traits: He is refined, regal, sometimes arrogant, but always polite unless provoked. He is both witty and charming which some from years of perfecting his art as a Taikocmochi.

Bio: Not much is know about this mysterious man, who showed up one day out of the blue. Perhaps he is a journeyman who knows? (F.O.I.G=find out in game)

Desired Personal Rank: Aruji Sama (主様 = Master)

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Aruji Sama
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