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 Daisuke Shinboku

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PostSubject: Daisuke Shinboku   Daisuke Shinboku EmptyTue Jul 15, 2014 4:46 pm

Name: Daisuke Shinboku

Sex: Male

Age 24

Appearance: (Please describe what your character is wearing, and what they're carrying, if anything.).

Species: Canine - Akita Mix

Physical Description:
Daisuke is of meager build, having just enough muscle under his snowy white, soft fur to be able to take care of most of his chores that he has in the bath house. His hair is a lustrous Blue-black and hangs down to his shoulders, it is usually done up with a few pins that make a conserved bun. His white fur extends over most of his body, except his underbelly, his chest and torso, which is still a silky light tan color.

Furcadia description: (if you have one.).
Daisuke, or other wise simply known as D or D-chan, is a Fox-Akita mix hailing from a village deep in the Land of Beasts and Spirits, deep in the mystic forests of Japan. This lithe mutt stands at a meager 5'5" and has a build like that of a common house keeper, soft and pliant but strong enough to do most chores. He keeps the moon-shown fur a silky texture with the best oils that he can buy. On top of all this, he is also a sweet heart, said to have a smile that could melt concrete.

Job: Owner

Weapons: No Weapons

He can cook and clean, that is about it.

Character Traits:
Most would call Daisuke a nice, sweet person. A Perfect Gentleman. And mostly that is true. He likes to please people and he likes to serve others. He is also very bashful and can get embarrassed easily, especially around women. He is a tough nut to crack because of this and ends up a bit of a push over.

Daisuke Shinboku is the young owner of the Seika Shinrin Bath House and Inn. Though he is young he has taken much responsibility upon himself when he had the Bath House built with the help of a few friends. It was a long and hard road but he finally got the place as beautiful as he wanted. His day to day life is simple. He wakes up in the morning, does his morning prayers, then goes to work in the bath house, cleaning floors, changing linens in the guest rooms, cooking for customers and staff alike, watering the garden, working the garden, and if he has enough energy at the end of the day, does his nightly prayers and takes what little time is left in the day and relaxes. He is a bit absorbed in his work though and has not had a lot of time for people, which doesn't help his social awkwardness.

Desired personal rank: Co-Owner
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Daisuke Shinboku
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