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 General rules

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General rules Empty
PostSubject: General rules   General rules EmptyWed Feb 03, 2010 12:03 am


1. Your username must be the name of your character(unless you are registering more then one sheet).

Common Rules:

1. There's to be NO fighting in the Baths, Rooms or Bar. Ether take it outside, or to the Dojo(Please try to keep property damage to a minimum T.T).
2. Members who are not online for a month or more, without letting the the staff know will have their character sheet moved to Former Staff(this can be amended as we understand that people can lose their net connection or life flips us the bird for an undetermined amount of time, it's happened to all of us).
3. Actions performed by the mods can be argued with the admin.
4. There must be no rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or flaming attacks to anyone(please be respectful to all).
5. Multiple, repeated postings are not allowed, unless requested, and will be deleted(please no spamming).
6. Member's avatar should represent the character they're playing(once again, unless you have more then one sheet, if so please make sure that the characters art is posted in the sheet).

Game Rules:

1. You cannot just kill another persons character, please make sure to discus such things in whispers/PMs beforehand and let one of the staff know and send the posts(if in furc), so we can keep track of whose dead and whose not, and so we don't have any zombies wandering around >.>;;;
2. Please no Godmodding or Metagaming(the former's just being a dick, and both are annoying).
3. You cannot do 100 action at the same time in one post(unless you have more then one set of arms and are really fucking good at multi-tasking, if so, I fucking salute you).
4. Play logically - If your character can't clone him/her/their-self, he/she/they cannot be in two places at the same time
5. While romance is allowed in game, please keep anything explicit to your private messages, or locked room in the dream, there is to be no public yiffing.

Post Rules:

1. Please try to keep you posts somewhat lengthy(unless there isn't much to go off of, or you don't have a lot of time to write paragraphs at a time)
2. Please try and keep you posts in third person's point of view.
3. Speech: ".."
Thoughts: 'Italics'

Advertising Rules:
1.You can post the ads without bots in our designated section, provided you don't spam us too much, you can advertise as many sites as you like.
2. You can only place your ads in the designated area,
3. Ads are reciprocal - after placing your ad, you MUST place our ad on your site/forum, it is good to have more RPers.

While playing on this forum, you automatically agree to read these rules and not to break them, respect the administration and other members, remember, the admins has full control over everyone.
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General rules
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